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2019 Amazing Charity Race Volunteers Needed

Want to have a Jimmy Buffet kind of Father's Day Weekend?  Well...we are here to help you!  The Karen Carns Foundation is once again running the final station at the 14th Annual Amazing Charity Race!  And we are in need of VOLUNTEERS!  This Amazing Charity Race event has brought us between $7-$10K in funding each year (the first year brought $22K!), and that means we can help more students!

Come join us at KCF's Margaritaville, where we will have plenty of "Boat Drinks" and "Fins" left and right to get us through the day! 


Saturday, June 15th, 2019  

So, as you can see, we will need LOTS of helpers this year.  Note, kids are welcome as volunteers as well!  We will once again be giving volunteers the coolest t-shirt ever and will need your
...walk the plank!  Finishing in full garb for everyone to see!  It will be HILARIOUS! Jimmy Buffet is our "Theme" and wackiness is our "Dream" :).  Team members will enter our station right next to the finish line at Grailville in East Loveland.  While Jimmy Buffet blares in the background, racers will stop and put Flippers over their shoes and Goggles over their eyes and a Hula Skirt/Or Floaty over their booties :)  They will then have to proceed to walk together through a rope course, save a drowning pirate with a "life-preserver" throw, find Gold in the bottom of the sea
For the first year ever, this year the race will start and end at Grailville in Loveland!  This is a gem in our area, which makes it... The Best Year To Volunteer! Ever!  The race starts at 8 a.m. and should finish by 2-3 p.m.  We will have 2 volunteer shifts...a morning and then an afternoon. 

Volunteer's Needed: 8am-12:00pm or 11:30am-3pm



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