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"Finally, I guess I could say that our lives have been rather difficult for the last 14 months. But you know what? I still think of life as a great and beautiful blessing. The emotional pain of this journey has always been harder to bear than the physical pain, but that’s part of life, too, and together, with love, now I know we can work through anything. I want you all to believe that, too.

Choose to be happy. Look for the good. Surround yourself with those you love—and smile. Tonight is your first chance to try this out as we begin this celebration of life and love. Tonight is a celebration.


I had a great life. I was surrounded by love from my first breath to my last. I had all I ever wanted in my children and my family. Add in the dearest relatives, the sweetest friends, and the beauty and the blessings go on and on beyond us all.

So begin the celebration!

My love will always be with you."

From the letter that Karen wrote to be read at her Memorial Mass, 8/28/2001

August Pic

Even a little chemo couldn't dim her smile! Connie and Tom provided a hospital Parrothead party on Buffett night, 2001.

August 2

This is the last picture of Karen that we have, and it is fitting that she is surrounded by her beautiful family. Jessica took this picture on Friday afternoon, August 17, 2001. Karen died at 2:36 am on August 19, 2001.

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