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Tuition Assistance Criteria and Request Procedure


The Karen Carns Foundation pledges that a child will never be removed from his or her environment of a private elementary or high school education due to a life-changing event that affects the family’s financial situation.

To be considered for assistance:

  • Financial need must be demonstrated by FACTS form or other documentation upon request.

  • Need is based on occurrence of death or life-changing disability of an income-producing parent, affecting the family’s ability to pay and resulting in the possible withdrawal of the student from his or her private school.

  • The student is currently enrolled in a private school.


Will not be considered for assistance:


  • Job loss of income-producing parent (unless directly related to the disability).

  • Retroactive payments for graduating students whose diploma is being held due to an unpaid balance.

  • Students who are currently enrolled in a public school but wish to go to a private school.

NOTE: KCF grants are awarded based on available funds. KCF will keep qualified applicants on a waiting list for one year if funds are temporarily unavailable. 

Application Procedure:

1. Parent and school office complete Karen Carns Foundation Tuition Assistance Application form and send it to the KCF office, along with a copy of the family’s FACTS form. Family sends most recent IRS 1040 to KCF.  Applications are accepted at any time during the year.
2. KCF conducts a review; may contact the family and/or school for more information.
3. If request qualifies for assistance, it is submitted to the KCF Board of Directors for approval. KCF notifies the school and the family of the outcome.
4. If the request is approved, KCF issues a check to the school.
5. KCF reviews the family’s situation annually each year that the student is enrolled. Family must complete FACTS and KCF application process each year.

Please e-mail Courtney Stables at for a Tuition Assistance Application form. Or, call her at 513-923-5280.


Karen Carns Foundation
4600 N. Mason Montgomery Rd
Mason, OH 45040-9176
Phone: 513-923-5280

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