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Prayer for My Friends
O Lord Jesus, give my friends
Hearts to love you always.
Bless each with
A will to choose you,
A memory to recall you,
A mind to think of you,
A soul always united to you.
And may you, the God of compassion
And mercy, love and protect them
Now and forever. Amen

From a prayer Karen had copied into her journal during her illness

Light The Night Walk

Light The Night Walk

Karen and Tom at Penn State Game

Go Penn State! The annual pilgrimage to the cabin for Penn State weekend. Front row L-R: Ginny, Karen, Denise; Middle row: Mark, Kim, Paul; Back row: Tom and Bill

Buffet Bus

Riding the Parrothead bus to another Jimmy Buffet Concert

Michigan Sunset with Mersmans

Enjoying a Michigan sunset with the Mersmans

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