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"Tom has made my life a fairy tale for the last 17 years."


From the letter Karen wrote for her Memorial Mass

Light The Night

Karen and Tom, our leaders at the Light the Night Walk, October, 2001. Traci, Jenny and Pete organized "K.C. and the Sunshine Band" in Karen’s name to raise funds for lymphoma research.

Karen and Tom's Wedding

Karen and Tom's Wedding August 4, 1984

Karen and Tom Puerto Rico

Karen and Tom dressed for dinner, Puerto Rico, 1999.

Karen and Tom in Tucson

Karen and Tom enjoying a Morgan Stanley trip to Tucson.

Karen and Tom at Jimmy Buffet

Karen and Tom in one of many Jimmy Buffet nights! (June 1990)

Karen on Phone Fundraising

Karen working the phone during fundraising for the St. Bernadette Scholarship Fund, 1999.

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